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We practice the art and science of plastic surgery to help our patients fulfill their aspirations of beauty. Our International Plastic Surgery Centre sets great precedent by our “Natural touch and natural appearance” approach. CAL is a highly advanced medical technology that extracts the autologous stem cells from your own fat by the unique technology for your breast, body & face. Stem Cell Breast Natural Augmentation. Cellport thailand

Our Commitment

We see it as our duty to better understand our patients through continuous research, and the development of our medical team. Both our surgeons’ results and our patients’ satisfaction are continuously improving.

Practice Principle

Our practice follows the highest standards of medical care. We do sufficient consulting so as to minimize side effects on our patients. Our pre- and post-operative tests are intended both to help us provide the best service for you, and to prepare us to better serve our future patients.

The Surgery

Most of our surgeries are performed as an outpatient service. Minor procedures can be performed in any our procedure rooms, while more complex procedures may need to be performed in our branch certified hospitals.

Cellport Thailand by Nirunda Clinic

About us

We are proud to offer the latest advancement of stem cell technology of CAL, Cell Assisted Lipo-Transfer to enhance the result of the post operation. CAL is an effective soft tissue augmentation of Stem Cell Fat transfer, the latest breakthrough in plastic surgery world.

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Poonpissamai Suwajo, MD.
Chatpong Sastarasadhit, MD.
Vorachai Chuenchompoonut, MD.