Cellport Thailand

Frequently asked questions

Are the shapes and feeling of the breasts natural?

After CAL tissue augmentation, your breasts will look and feel natural and respond naturally to movement.

The sizes of my left and right breasts are not equal. Can I get the operation?

The CAL tissue augmentation procedure can fine-tune the amount of fat to be transplanted. Therefore correcting different sized breasts is a standard procedure for which you should have no worried about.

Is it possible to augment breasts that are already sagging?

Yes, it is possible. By transplanting fat to a sagging breast, the breast becomes firm and lifts. The position of the nipple also lifts.

I feel pain? and How long does the pain last?

In some cases, pain similar to a strong muscle pain, may last from a few days to 2 weeks in the liposuctioned area. The lipo-transplanted area might be swollen and painful for several weeks. How long such pain and swelling last varies from person to person, but will gradually ease.

Will I have conspicuous, uneven contours in the liposuctioned area?

Fat will be suctioned from several points so that there will not be any conspicuous or uneven contours left on the body. In the case of patients whose skin lack elasticity, such the post-natal abdomen and some older women, it can normally be treated by exercise and by wearing a special garment we provide.

Are there any age restrictions?

People aged 16 years and older may have our procedure performed, but we do require minors to obtain parental consent.

Will fat be suctioned as I wish?

When we perform a liposuction procedure, we take the total balance of your body into consideration. Whether fat can be suctioned as you wish depends on your muscle and bone structure as well as the amount of fat you have, which we will judge on examination.

Will any scars be left on my body?

In order to insert a tube for liposuction, a minor skin incision has to be made in an inconspicuous area using a scalpel. It will be 7mm at the longest, but a scar will remain. In many cases, the incision will be completely inconspicuous. In the lipo-transplanted area, tiny reddish marks left by an injection needle will remain for a while. It will gradually disappear over the course of about a month. The mark will become a tiny, inconspicuous, white dot.

How long after the operation before I can return to work?

If your job is sedentary, you can work from the day you’ve had the operation. However, you may have pain that is similar to muscle pain that may last from a few days to two weeks. If your job involves a lot of physical work, we recommend you take about a week off work.

Will my breast augmentation be detectable by x-ray?

No, your breast augmentation will not show in any x-ray.

Will I have any problems with pregnant or breastfeeding in the future?


Will the operation make detecting breast cancer more difficult?

No, CAL breast enhancement does not interfere with breast cancer detection.

In conventional lipo-transplant procedure, extracted fat is transplanted in a clump and therefore, calcification sometimes occurs in the transplanted fat. As this calcification shows up in mammograms, it could be mistakenly interpreted as breast cancer. However, with the advances in mammography and improvement in the diagnostic techniques of breast surgeons, it is nowadays possible to distinguish fat calcification from breast cancer on the mammograms. There are few cases of patients who’ve had the operation having difficulties in breast cancer detection.

As for breast cancer detection besides mammography, various other methods, including ultrasound and MRI, have been developed and these methods are being refined every day.

CAL breast augmentation, will my breasts become smaller as I get older?

The tissue added to your breast(s) becomes part of your body. Therefore, they will become smaller as part of your natural ageing process.

How long can I keep the silicone implants inside my breasts?

Generally, if you keep the implanted silicone bags beyond a certain period, they will be recognized as alien objects inside your body and scar tissue or a capsule will form around them. This will make the breasts hard to the touch and, in some cases, the bags may shift or the breasts become distorted. In addition, as your body becomes thinner with age, the silicone bags will become conspicuous. Many people choose to have silicone implants removed for these reasons.

How long will I need to be in Thailand for?

You will need to be in Thailand for 7 days. These 7 days will start from when you have surgery, yet you will need to be in Thailand for a couple of days before your surgery for both medical check-ups and a consultation. So you will likely need about 10 days in total in Thailand, although you will be given a more concrete schedule when you make a reservation.